19th November 2005

Elsa Revelator 3d flicker

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I just got this 3d glasses: Elsa Revelator 3d (wired). Started playing with it I noticed the heavy ghosting. At first I thought it was my screen (150Hz) but its the glasses. The low contrast in the LCD displays causes some ghosting effect (see shadows of the right image in the left eye) on high contrast pictures. The new feeling in games like Call of Duty 2 was pretty amazing but I found the flickering too annoying. A little research brought some light in it. Lots of people having problems with flickering in Windows XP. Some say its the USB devices, other say its the graphic cards IRQ conflict and others say its the DCC Line command from plug&play monitors.

Elsa Revelator 3D flicker dcc pin 12

They say removing pin 12 (DCC line 5V) might help. So I tried it but damaged the cable (monitor cable adapter) so the glasses wont work anymore. I got mine for 15 eur ($17) so it doesn’t matter.

After reading a lot about 3d-stereo in Windows XP I found this Emagin z800 , pretty expensive $899, but from all the reviews I found they should be very good.

3D Stereo Drivers for Nvidia Cards Version 78.01 in Windows XP but don’t forget to install the the Base Drivers from Nvidia 78.01 .

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  1. 1 On February 27th, 2006, Joseph said: [Quote]

    3D doesn’t work with most LCD monitors. Try it on a CRT and it will look 500% better. It has to do with the way pixels are lit up in LCD’s versus CRT’s — the phosphor “extinction” of a CRT is missing in LCD’s.

  2. 2 On May 11th, 2006, Administrator said: [Quote]

    Joseph, the Elsa Revelator is a LCD-Shutter glasses. Of course ive used it with a CRT.

  3. 3 On August 8th, 2014, All on 4 implant said: [Quote]

    All on 4 implant…

    Elsa Revelator 3d flicker ยป Pictures and Code…

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