28th June 2006

Mac OS x86 on AMD – my story

This is my first blog entry using Mac OS x86 10.4.60 on my AMD (A8N-SLI with 6600GT connected with DVI). I tried using Blog Thing but somehow it was too simple or i was too stupid, right now I’m using ecto . Too sad its not freeware, maybe ill find some nice tool later on.

Just stumbled across Qumana . Its freeware, looks a bit ugly but seems to work smooth.

So how did the whole mac thing start ?

Mac OS x86 AMD

After reading this HowTo install Mac OSX on a Standard Laptop i was ready to install it. Next i got the "NVDriverBeta1.zip" from MacVidia and followed basicly this guide to install NVidia drivers for Mac OSx86 . The best suiteable resolution for me was 1680×1050 so far. I wish for 1920×1200 in the next release. So the DVI connector and resolution problems were solved and i could work on the little iTunes preferences page bug. With Maxxuss’s AMD_Enabler 1.0a this was fixed pretty easily. Last thing was to install Firefox, some ICQ client called Adium , Tinker Tool , VLC with xvid and divx codecs and a few other neat things.

A few more things:

A8N-SLI restart fix (you can now reboot properly with the osx menu buttons)

nForce4 Network driver Hack for the A8N-SLI (now you can use the onboard network card)

Gimp (if you dont have iphoto and osx’s preview tool wont let you edit pics …)

HowTo Switch to Mac (very useful article for former windows users)

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2nd June 2006

HowTo speed up your USB mouserate from 125 Hz (8ms) to 1000 Hz (1ms)

Just got my new mouse and started reading about mouse sensor technology. I found this very detailed report about state-of-the-art mouse-sensor-technology. Additionally i found this site with sensor manufacturer specs of some sensors.

Mouserate usb switcher

After some research in various forums i found this USB Mouserate Switcher 1.1. You can tune up and down your USB polling rate (System’s USB driver modification) from standard 125 Hz (8ms) to 250 Hz (4ms), 500 Hz (2ms) and finally 1000 Hz (1ms). Some people reported a mouse freeze after reboot, so you better enable your Keyboard Mouse Emulator in Windows XP’s Accessibility options. I set mine to 500 Hz and had no problems with my a4tech mouse.

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