5th December 2005

Easy Exif-Read-Write with Pel

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The idea was to cut down the mysql usage in galleries. Just edit some exif-tag of some image (e.g. .jpg) and use it for storing information that you would usually store in the database. Im using the Pel-lib (php) for this approach.

My script scans some directory (default: “pics/”) for files, creates html-form elements for each, reads the exif tag (image_description) and puts em into the forms as initial values. On pressing the “write” button the new image descriptions are written to the files (chmod 666).

This is some very easy read and write exif data application. You can easily customize it to read and write your favourite tags.

Here you can see a demo.

You can download the php script here . The file structure in my sample is the following.

  • /exif-writer.php
  • /pel/PelJpeg.php
  • /pics/image1.jpg
  • /pics/image2.jpg

Dont forget to chmod all images to 666. Thats it, have fun.

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