18th November 2005

Cross Fade Wallpaper Changer

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You ever wanted to have the nice Wallpaper Changer from Mac OSX for your Windows XP ? Now you can have it with a few simple steps.

1. Download this file rotator.zip. Extract it to any location you want. You will find a file called rot.htm and a folder pics/ containing 4 sample images.

2. Add your images to the pics/ folder and rename the image files to a#.jpg for example your 5th pic would have the name a5.jpg If you have many pictures you can use some Batch File Renamer like this one FileRenamer .

3. Edit the rot.htm file in the upper part. Insert the number of your images. If you have like 7 images you simply modify it to images = 7; . Save the changes.

4. Got to the Windows Desktop Wallpaper selection screen and simply chose the rot.htm . Done.

A demo (using IE) of this Application can be seen here(only IE, slow transition so have patience).

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